About Assignment 1

Industry feature article (online) – 25th Nov 2016, 5pm

Write about a topic of your choice relating to the area of digital publishing, suitable for online publication and upload it to this website, editing and presenting it appropriately for the medium.

Submit a fully referenced MS Word version of the same article with bibliography to demonstrate your research.

Word Count – 1,500 words (not including refs and bibliography) – with online presentation and research folder, equivalent to 4,000 words.


Your article should be:

a) well researched (see Research and Referencing below), concisely written, engaging, well argued and display knowledge of the industry and digital developments, and digital writing conventions.

b) include engaging material (e.g. video, images, gifs, infographics etc.); use links precisely and SEO keywords appropriately

c) taken through a number of drafts to improve it to professional standard.

d) follow online writing conventions such as short paragraphs, headers, precise weblinks, use of keywords, lively and immediate style.

e) linked to your individual industry-appropriate social media presence (e.g. Twitter)

Research and referencing:

In addition to the public-facing article, which you upload, you will also reveal your sources through a separate, fully referenced (Harvard) version of your article (in MS Word) and also include a correctly formatted bibliography to demonstrate your wider research.